Living France magazine

August 14th, 2011

Just a quick post (after that lengthy last one!) about an image. Discovered a nice cover image sale to Living France magazine a couple of days ago. It’s a shot of Monflanquin, a small medieval town in the Lot region of South West France. Taken in the heat of the day in mid-August you can feel the sunshine bouncing off the page!

As a stock photographer I am used to sales of every kind (thankfully) but it still raises a smile to see a cover image pop up in the sales data and to get to see how the typography has been applied. Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter has just launched it’s very own image hosting service (powered by Photobucket). For a couple of years now we have been used to 3rd party solutions such as Twitpic ( a name synonymous with “tweeted images”), YFrog, Mobypicture and Lockerz. All these image hosts allow a user to upload an image (from their phone or computer) to be hosted by them in order to share that content with other users via Twitter or other social media platforms.

As a professional photographer I know that controlling the use of my images by licencing the copyright I hold in them is vital. It’s how I earn my living. But for the general public, they may not be aware that some of these image hosting companies are able to effectively resell the images they upload without paying them a penny. So how can they do this? Read the rest of this entry »