copyright symbolI’ll keep this short because I just want you to be aware of the excellent post that has been written by author Roni Loren on her blog. She was sued by a photographer recently for using, without prior permission or licence, one of their images on her blog. She has written up the whole experience and crucially, what she has learned about copyright and the use of images ‘found’ on the internet and it serves as both excellent education and a warning for those many bloggers who are either lacking sufficient knowledge of copyright laws or who simply don’t care if they use other’s work on their sites for free.

Please read the post: and then read the discussion in the comments arena. It should leave you in no doubt that images on the internet are all owned by somebody and it’s up to you, the blogger, the publisher, the website owner, the designer, to obtain permission before using.

Technology now affords photographers and stock agencies a really easy way to find these image infringements. Reverse image search via Google, TinEye, PicScout and others all make it very easy to find images on blogs and websites. We simply pop an image in and it tells us where it’s being used. There’s literally no place to hide anymore.

Perhaps it’s time you took a look at your own website, blog, facebook etc and made sure all the images you’ve used are legally yours to post before a nasty surprise drops into your inbox?



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2 Responses to “When photographers bite back…”

  1. Shiloh Eheler Says:

    Fajnie piszesz. :-)

  2. jon Says:

    Which is Polish for “cool write”… thanks!