Out of the office…

September 21st, 2010

And lo, it came to pass that the photographer known to his followers as ‘Jon’ did leave the barren wet and windy wilderness of the northern England and did travel south towards the sun on a mighty journey of discovery and perhaps a bottle of wine or two along the way, we shall see ;)

Actually I’m going to be traveling in northern France for the next few months so this post is mainly to let you know that I’ll be unavailable for commissioned work during this time and to a lesser extent, to make you extremely jealous…  I’d put this info on the main site but the way it’s configured it’s not possible to write a huge amount of text and anyway, that’s what a blog is for.

I’ll have email with me every day and the mobile number will remain the same.  I’ve added skype as well for you VOIP lo-rate call lovers.  I just won’t be able to shoot anything to order unless it’s a bottle of finest French red, a large baguette, some freshly baked choclatines or a chocolate filled crepe. Oh and a spot of travel stuff too.


I’ll endeavour to blog a bit more frequently on my journey and I may even try and blog with some iPhone pics too if I can muster myself to shoot a frame that consists of less than 22 of Earth’s finest megapixels.  It might just happen.  Please check back now and again to see if it does.

Until later…


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