Well. It’s been a busy few months here, I hope you’ve all been well. I’ve been hard at work launching incamerastock my new non-exclusive stock agency.

I’ve been working with a select band of brothers (well, those I could convince that I knew what I was doing!) and we are making headway into the heady world of stock as a small agency.

To celebrate six months of steady growth I’ve launched the incamerastock website and an accompanying twitter feed. Those who follow me on Twitter will know I rarely talk about photography on my @jonboyes account so I thought it would be good to use the new @incamerastock account to tweet all things photographic from now on. Expect stock photography, stuff about cameras and lenses and pixel density and other photo-nerdy stuff plus plenty of industry comment. This world is changing so fast there’s always something I can find to whinge about!

I look forward to seeing some photographers over on the @incamerastock account. I’ll always follow you back unless you’re trying to sell me SEO services or clipping path retouching or you have a weird avatar…. just can’t be too careful nowadays…;)

Until later…




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