My, how the months fly by… it only seems like Christmas was last week, (which coincidentally is the last time I posted – oops).  A determined blogger I’m not.

So, I hear you cry, what have you been up to? The answer is that I’ve had my fingers in many pies, some sweet some sour, some hot that went cold and some cold that turned very hot!  Loads, and I mean loads of planning and admin too. Photography is not all about shooting, and certainly not in the world of stock photography!  I’ve made a choice to concentrate on stock image production for the forseeable future and that is paying off with good sales and increased opportunities. My images can now be found at more libraries than ever before with more agencies coming on stream this year. One very exciting development is……

The launch of a new stock photo library website of my very own.

Stock photo library screengrab

Until now there had not been a solution for selling stock from my own site that I’d been happy with. Something like this, when dealing with thousands of images and tens of thousands of keywords, takes a lot of administrative time to get off the ground. The solutions thus far all had merit but failed in crucial areas. Either the site layouts were too ‘portfolio’ looking to the detriment of actually being able to find the image you wanted; too inflexible and not easily customised to fit existing branding; or the site SEO was so poor that it would not attract any sort of traffic, and ultimately sales, to make the administration worthwhile. IMHO these problems have now been surpassed with the introduction of a fully-customisable self-managed stock photography site from

Who is/are Photodeck and why did I trust them for my solution?

Photodeck is a small team led by excellent landscape photographer and friend of mine, Jef Maion. Here’s what Jef has to say about Photodeck:

A few years ago, fascinated both by photography and Internet technologies, I experimented with the idea of selling stock photography directly from my website – relying on search engines rather than traditional stock agencies.

I put together in my spare time (my day job was helping grow new businesses at a Fortune Global 100 company). Two years on, after much learning “the hard way”, the experiment was getting over 6000 visitors on any normal day . Others have done much better still.

Today, backed by world-class Software Engineering talent, I am fully dedicated to bringing the same opportunity to other independent photographers through PhotoDeck, a service built without compromise.

J-F Maion
PhotoDeck founder

I asked Jef a couple of years ago about his site and where he got the code from and he said he’d written it himself. I was pleased for him but sad that I couldn’t buy it for my own use!  So I was extremely pleased to see him finally bring this concept to market. I’ve been involved since the Alpha stage along with a small group of other professional photographers and stock photography specialists, ironing out bugs, making usability suggestions and generally helping Jef and his team mould Photodeck into a solution built by photographers who sell images – for photographers who want to sell images. The site is fully customisable and I’ve set mine up with the branding of In Camera Photography, my commercial photography company that I’ve morphed into this fledging self-manages stock outlet for my non-exclusive stock.

We’ve been live for a week and I’ve got a little over 2000 images up. Still tweaking. Payment automation will come soon and then images purchased can be downloaded as soon as a payment is made. The work I’m placing on the In Camera Photography Stock Photos Library is a mixture of Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free non-exclusive stock and covers a myriad of subject matter from travel covering UK, France, Germany and Benelux to People, Signs, Financial, Industrial & Studio stock images.

Here’s a couple of videos so you can see how easy Photodeck is to use from a photographer’s viewpoint;

Photodeck is built with great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at the heart of it’s operation and each image page will, over the course of time, be spidered and indexed by the major search engines bringing an extra source of traffic and sales from image searches.

The project is still in private Beta and sign-ups are rolling out as it develops. If you fancy taking your very own site for a spin and seeing what Photodeck can do and giving Jef some suggestions yourself then sign up here for an invite.

Until later…


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